Greenwich Station Residency 2015


A highlight of the residency was Greenwich Station Revisited, an exhibition of my poem posters at the Made in Greenwich Gallery in September 2015.  It was wonderful to see the results of my year-long creative collaboration with designer Paul Kley gathered together in one room, along with rail-related work by painters David Weekes, John Govat and Gillian Boroughs.

The gallery hosted a reading, “The sting of speed and the solace of motion”, featuring Live Canon doing classic railway poems from Britain and North America, while I read poems from my residency. The mostly local audience was responsive, enthusiastic, and happily joined in to read my multi-voice collage poem “24 Hours”, which was based on over heard conversations and station announcements — truly a crowd piece.  It was one of the best readings of the year.


In addition, Southeastern decided to make a video based on one of my sonnets.

They recorded it at Greenwich station and wanted a staff member to part of the poem.  Dom was the unlucky staff person chosen and he became the real star of the film, cold reading the sonnet with a straight face and beautiful diction while his colleagues (well out of view of the camera and crew) tried to make him laugh.

Some local media coverage of the exhibition: