Beyond the skies

On 11 September 2001, a BBC radio programme discussing the song ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ was interrupted by breaking news from New York City

Watching CNN, the screen fills again
and again with a long plume of smoke 

my television is the sky, its camera a bird
circling a plane crashing into a tower

a slim needle piercing the eye of a camel
over the rainbow

windows curve and disappear, moulting glass
skies are blue

yet the building stands –
and the dreams

or did it sway?
that you dare to dream

and the people – where are they?
really do come true

a plucked skyline fills the room
one day I’ll wake

I guess at what we cannot see
and rub my eyes

feet pounding down the stairs
in that land

counting each breath to safety
beyond the skies

until the towers begin to fall
first the inside, then the outer wall
melt like lemon drops

the camera sinks, a body slips
away above the chimney tops

more black dots dive – none can fly –
that’s where

did you close your eyes?
you’ll find me